Lehe Cottage - Design-Built Project
Location: Lehe,Babol, Iran
Architects: Hanieh Alizadeh, Mahmoud Ganji, Mahdi Rabie
Project year: 2017

On the Alborz mountains, 65 kilometers from Babol city, 2500 meters above the sea level, is Lehe village. A small village used as a summer country, with no permenant residents as it has heavy snowy and cold winters.
The village situation and the surrounding nature led us to a design with minimom changes and influnces on nature.  
This project is a 60 m2 cottage for weekend use of up to 20 people, with the least cost possible. The form and spaces designed for the cottage, as well as the materials used inside or out, follow the goal of leaving the least visual influence and envirmental polution.