Qazvin Glass Headquarter – Design Competition
Location: Tehran, Iran
Architects: Hanieh Alizadeh, Mahmoud Ganji, Mahdi Rabie
Project year: 2017

Designing for the head-quarter of a glass manufacturing company, the glass element could be bold in the design. When considering Tehran’s warm-and-dry climate and city’s regulation for glass use in facades, we decided to put glass in contrast with solid stone in the facade and create a glassy void inside, as the main spirit of the interior spaces. The void extended vertically and horizontally in the whole building, continues to the facade as shiny boxes and also drags the light in. The extension of the void to western facade in addition to creating an influential gallery space on the ground and first floor, presents a glimpse of its inner beauty to attract pedestrians to walk in and get impressed.​​​​​​​