Tabriz University Metro Station – Design Competition
Honorable Mention
Location: Tabriz, Iran
Architects: Hanieh Alizadeh, Mahmoud Ganji, Mahdi Rabie
Project year: 2017

This project was an interior and entryway design competition for a metro station in Tabriz, Iran. Since the project was under construction the excavation, foundation, columns and rail tracks were already constructed. To improve the common space areas two primary decisions were made. First was improving the circulation loop of station by reducing the walking distances to the platform and moving the ticket gate from underground to ground level, resulting elimination of 480 m2 area of underpass way. Second was creating coherency and unity for station’s main hall by reconfiguring the two low-height stories and creating double-heighted spaces with two voids in the middle and a large lightwell allowing the station to catch more natural light.